Frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers.


How can I reach you by phone to receive technical advice?

You can easily reach us by phone or via our contact form under the "Contact" menu item.

How can I contact the SATA sales representative responsible for my region?

You can reach us quickly and easily via our contact form under the "Contact" menu item. The responsible sales representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Where can I find contact addresses of your partners in other countries?

You can find all official importers and contact persons in other countries under the "Service - Search for importers" menu item.

Where can I purchase SATA products as an end customer?

You can find SATA specialist dealers and importers in many locations. Contact addresses in your vicinity can be found under the "Search for dealers/importers" subcategory. We also offer online shops with selected products for end customers in some countries.

The Company

What does the company name SATA stand for?

The company's current name, SATA GmbH & Co. KG with the brand name SATA was entered as a trademark as early as 1914. The name came from two syllables in the name of the founding company SANITARIA, which produced medical devices.

I am interested in SATA's company history. Where can I find information about SATA's history?

You can find comprehensive information about SATA's history as a company steeped in tradition, as well as the history of its products, under the "About us" menu item.

I would like to visit SATA. Where can I find directions to the company premises?

The route map to SATA's company headquarters in Kornwestheim near Stuttgart can be found under the "Contact" menu item.

How many countries are SATA products delivered to?

We currently supply over 100 countries all over the world from our only production site in Kornwestheim near Stuttgart.

Technical Questions

What is the proper way to maintain a spray gun?

You can find videos about the proper cleanings of spray guns in the "Technical knowledge" category. You can also find regular tips on our social media channels.

Can I immerse the entire spray gun in solvent to clean it?

If the spray gun is soaked in solvent, dirt particles and paint residue will dissolve, but they can also get into the air channels of the spray gun. Since the air channels are very fine boreholes, these particles will gradually clog the air channels over time. Since this is a slow process, the spray gun operator will usually not notice this clogging immediately: the painting result will gradually deteriorate until it suffers considerably (colour shifts, particle confinements, reduction of the spray jet). The causes of this error are often sought in the varnish itself, the pressure supply or something similar and only rarely in the faulty handling of the spray gun. We recommend that you clean the spray gun carefully and thoroughly, either manually or with an automatic washing machine (with a blowing device for the air channels) but never place it in a dilutant or paint stripper.

Can I apply water-based varnish with any SATA spray gun?

Yes, the SATA spray guns from the current production run are suitable for use with water-based varnish without restriction. Specially designed automatic and robot spray guns are available for continuous industrial use. We also carry nozzles that are specially designed for water-based varnishes. When using solvent-based and water-dilutable paints, we recommend that you use separate spray guns in order to avoid painting errors and expensive refinishing!

Is it true that SATA spray guns are subjected to a spray test before delivery?

Yes, in order to be able to offer the absolutely best spraying quality, SATA's experienced technical staff uses an extensive manual process to fine-tune all nozzle sets and spray guns without exception. For a vertical/standing spray pattern, the air nozzle is to be aligned in such a way that the laser marking is legible from the front. For a horizontally/reclining spray pattern, the individual test mark of the adjusting technician, which is attached to a flange side of the air nozzle, must be aligned so that it faces upwards.


Where can I register my new spray gun for a warranty extension?

Spray guns, compressed air filters and ventilated breathing protection systems for the SATA Premium Warranty can be registered for up to 30 days after purchase under the "Product Service - Premium Warranty Registration" menu item. You will immediately receive an e-mail to confirm your warranty extension.

How do I know if I've purchased an original SATA product?

The SATA SAL system is an intelligent and absolutely secure system to authenticate the authenticity of our products. You can find out whether a product came from our production line within seconds. All you need to do is enter the SAL code online under the "Product Service - SATA Product Authentication" menu item.

Does SATA offer any service and support after the purchase of an item?

Of course. Our in-house service and repair department will make sure that your SATA product is repaired quickly and cost-effectively even after the expiration of the 3-year warranty period (up to 30 days after purchase if you've registered for the free SATA Premium Guarantee). Our supply of spare parts lasting many years after the purchase of the products is exemplary in the industry and of course we will gladly provide a cost estimate free of charge.



Is there a special support for the bonus program Coins & More from SATA?

Yes of course. Please contact us via our contact form and select "SATA Coins & More" as the topic. A member of our staff will process your request as soon as possible.

Do you have questions about our products or a delivery?

Please select the respective topic under the "Contact" menu item and describe your question or concern. A member of our staff will contact you immediately.


Can I design my own spray gun?

In the Custom Design Gun configurator, you can design your own individual spray gun and add your own colours, pictures and texts.

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Where can I find brochures and other materials?

We have compiled a large selection of brochures, catalogues, operating manuals and much more for you. You can find them in the "Service - Downloads" menu item.